11 Boho Wall Decor Ideas: Turning Bare Walls into Boho Bliss

11 Boho Wall Decor Ideas: Turning Bare Walls into Boho Bliss

The bohemian, or boho, style is all about creating a space that feels eclectic, relaxed, and full of life. If you're looking to infuse your home with a bit of this carefree and artistic spirit, boho wall decor is the perfect place to start. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore a variety of boho wall decor ideas, tips, and tricks to help you transform your space. We'll also delve into some fun facts, common questions, and handy tips to make your decorating journey a breeze.

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Key Features of Boho Wall 

Vintage Mirrors

Vintage mirrors with ornate or rustic frames can add a touch of elegance and charm to your boho wall decor. These mirrors not only serve a functional purpose but also enhance the visual appeal of your space by reflecting light and making the room feel larger. The intricate designs and aged finishes of vintage mirrors bring a sense of history and character to your walls, making them a perfect addition to any boho wall art collection.

Boho Inspired Vintage Mirror

Look for mirrors with unique frames at thrift stores, flea markets, or antique shops. Mix and match different shapes and sizes to create an eclectic gallery wall. For a cohesive look, choose mirrors with frames that complement the color scheme and style of your room.

Did You Know?:

In addition to their decorative value, vintage mirrors were historically believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. Incorporating these mirrors into your boho wall decor idea not only adds beauty but also a touch of mystique and tradition to your home.

Wall Baskets 

When you scroll through the web to look for boho decor, the first thing you will notice is this unique boho wall decor idea: boho-inspired wall baskets. Wall baskets can be vibrant or retain their organic color.

Boho Inspired wall decor with wall baskets on a black wall

They can be made of any material, including bamboo, rattan, or even cloth. You can place a single piece and decorate it with some climber plants, or you can cluster multiple baskets together to create a statement wall. This boho wall decor idea adds texture and dimension to any space, making it a perfect addition to your boho chic decor.

Did You Know?

Wall baskets have been used for centuries in various cultures around the world. In African and South American communities, baskets are often handwoven using traditional techniques passed down through generations. These baskets are not only functional but also carry cultural significance and storytelling, making them a meaningful addition to your boho chic decor.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a fantastic way to showcase your favorite boho art. Mix framed prints, paintings, and photographs with three-dimensional objects like mirrors, masks, and dreamcatchers. The beauty of a gallery wall lies in its ability to tell a story and reflect your personal style through a curated collection of items.

For more inspiration on how to style your walls with a gallery, check out this blog on creative wall decor ideas.

Boho-Inspired Gallery Wall

Did You Know?

The gallery wall concept dates back to 17th-century France, where it was used to display an array of artworks in a salon-style arrangement. This tradition, known as "salon hang," was popular in the homes of aristocrats and art collectors, who would fill entire walls with paintings from floor to ceiling. This style of art display later influenced the way museums and galleries exhibit art today, making it a timeless and versatile way to decorate any space.

Macrame Wall Hangings 

Macramé in boho decor is like salt in cooking – it's essential. Macramé adds texture and is often seen in white, but that’s not the only option; you can add vibrant colors to it. While it can be paired with other boho wall decor, macramé truly makes a statement when placed as a solo piece.

White Macrame Wall Hanging

There are countless options when it comes to incorporating macramé into your boho chic decor. From intricate wall hangings to simple plant holders, macramé can elevate your boho wall decor idea. Here’s a detailed blog exclusively for you on macramé decor ideas.

Did You Know?:

Macramé, which means "knotted" in Arabic, dates back to the 13th century. It was first used by Arabian weavers to finish the edges of hand-loomed fabrics. The craft spread to Europe via the Moorish conquest and became a popular pastime among sailors in the 19th century, who created macramé items to pass the time at sea. Today, macramé is a beloved element in boho chic decor, celebrated for its intricate and handmade appeal.

Tapestries and Textiles

Brightly colored or patterned fabrics that can cover large wall areas. Tapestries add a vibrant, eclectic touch to any space, making them a staple in Boho decor. These versatile pieces can be used in various ways, such as draped over furniture, hung as headboards, or even used as makeshift canopies. Their rich textures and intricate designs bring a sense of warmth and personality to any room.

Boho Wall Decor with Textiles

Opt for tapestries with mandalas, geometric patterns, or nature-inspired designs. They can be used as a focal point on a blank wall, behind a bed, or as a room divider. Mix and match different sizes and colors to create a layered and dynamic look.

Did You Know?:

Tapestries have been used for centuries, not just for decoration but also for insulation. In medieval castles, large tapestries were hung on walls to help keep the cold out and the warmth in!

String Lights

String lights are a simple yet effective way to add warmth and ambiance to your boho wall decor. Their soft, twinkling glow creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making them a staple in boho wall art. Whether draped around artwork, hung loosely along walls, or arranged in creative patterns, string lights bring a touch of magic to any space.

String Light in Boho Decor

Use string lights with warm white or soft yellow bulbs to create a relaxed and inviting ambiance. Experiment with different arrangements, such as hanging them in a cascading waterfall effect, wrapping them around mirrors or wall hangings, or outlining a favorite piece of boho wall art. Battery-operated string lights are also a great option for spaces without easy access to electrical outlets.

Did You Know?

String lights, originally used during festivals and celebrations, have become a popular boho wall decor idea due to their versatility and enchanting glow. They can be used indoors or outdoors, adding a whimsical touch to patios, bedrooms, and living spaces alike.

Shelves with Plants and Decor

Floating shelves adorned with potted plants, books, and trinkets are essential for creating a boho wall decor idea that balances nature-inspired elements with artistic flair. These shelves not only provide functional storage but also serve as a canvas for displaying your personality and style. By combining greenery with eclectic decor items such as candles, small sculptures, and colorful pottery, you can achieve a vibrant and harmonious boho wall art arrangement that breathes life into any room.

Boho Decor- Floating Shelf- Plant Decoration

Use a mix of hanging plants and small potted succulents to add depth and texture to your shelves. Incorporate items with varying heights and shapes to create visual interest. Consider layering books and decorative objects to create a curated look that reflects your bohemian spirit.

Did You Know?

Floating shelves have become increasingly popular in boho interior design for their ability to showcase collections and create a sense of openness and freedom in smaller spaces. Embrace the versatility of floating shelves to express your unique style while bringing natural elements indoors.

Rattan and Wicker Accents

Rattan and wicker accents are natural woven materials that add a rustic touch to your boho wall decor. These elements bring warmth and texture to any space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Rattan mirrors, baskets, and wall-mounted planters are popular choices for boho wall art, adding both functionality and style to your walls.

Rattan and Wicker Boho Inspired Decor

Incorporate rattan and wicker pieces into your boho wall decor idea by using them as statement pieces. Hang rattan mirrors to reflect light and visually expand your space. Use wicker baskets to store blankets or display plants, adding a natural element to your wall arrangement.

Did You Know?:

Rattan and wicker have been used in furniture and decor for centuries, prized for their durability and aesthetic appeal. By including these accents in your boho wall decor, you can create a harmonious blend of nature-inspired elements and artistic expression.

Handmade Art and Crafts

Handmade art and crafts are unique pieces created by artisans or through DIY projects, perfect for enhancing your boho wall decor idea. These pieces often showcase creativity and craftsmanship, ranging from macramé wall hangings to painted canvases or ceramic sculptures. By incorporating handmade art, you not only add a personal touch to your space but also support local artists and celebrate individuality in your boho wall art collection.

Handmade art and craft on boho wall decor

Support local artists by purchasing their creations or unleash your creativity through DIY projects. Experiment with different materials and techniques to create one-of-a-kind artworks that reflect your personality and style. Mix and match handmade pieces with other boho decor elements like textiles and vintage finds for a curated and eclectic look

Did You Know?:

Handmade art and crafts have a long-standing tradition in bohemian culture, symbolizing freedom of expression and a rejection of mass-produced items. Incorporating these pieces into your boho wall decor not only adds aesthetic value but also tells a story of creativity and individuality in your home.

Wall Mural or Accent Wall

A painted or wallpapered section with bold patterns or murals can serve as a striking centerpiece in your boho wall decor. Whether you opt for intricate florals, lush jungle scenes, or abstract art, this feature wall adds depth and personality to your space. It becomes a focal point that ties together the eclectic elements of boho wall art and decor, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

Choose a design that complements the overall color scheme of the room while reflecting your personal style. Consider mixing different patterns and textures to achieve a boho-chic look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors and unconventional motifs to make a statement. 

Did You Know?:

Incorporating a wall mural or accent wall into your boho wall decor idea can transform a plain room into a creative haven, where every corner tells a story and sparks conversation. It’s a perfect opportunity to showcase your artistic flair and create a space that resonates with Bohemian spirit and charm.


Dreamcatchers are traditional symbols often made from natural materials like feathers, beads, and sinew. These handcrafted items are not only beautiful but also hold cultural significance, believed to filter out bad dreams and allow only good dreams to pass through. Incorporating dreamcatchers into your boho wall decor idea adds a spiritual and artistic element to your space, reflecting a connection to nature and indigenous cultures.

Hang dreamcatchers alone as a statement piece on a bedroom wall or group them together in different sizes and designs to create a captivating boho wall art display. Place them near windows or above beds to catch dreams and enhance the ambiance with their symbolic presence.

Did You Know?:

Dreamcatchers originated with the Ojibwe people and have since become a popular symbol in Native American cultures. They are often passed down as heirlooms, symbolizing protection and positive energy in homes decorated with boho flair.

That's a Wrap!

The bohemian, or boho, style embodies a carefree and artistic spirit that invites creativity and individuality into your home. By embracing boho wall decor ideas, you can transform any space into a vibrant sanctuary filled with eclectic charm and personal flair. From vintage mirrors that add elegance and history to dreamcatchers that bring spiritual and cultural richness, each element contributes to a tapestry of textures and stories.

Let your walls reflect your adventurous spirit and personal journey, curating a space where every detail speaks of creativity and individuality. Embrace the boho aesthetic, where every corner invites wonder and tells a unique story of self-expression and style.


  1. What defines boho wall decor?

- Boho wall decor is characterized by its eclectic mix of colors, textures, and cultural elements. It often includes items like macramé hangings, tapestries, vintage mirrors, and handmade crafts that reflect a free-spirited and artistic vibe.


  1. How can I incorporate vintage mirrors into my boho decor?

- Vintage mirrors with ornate or rustic frames add charm and depth to boho wall decor. They can be grouped in a gallery wall or used individually to reflect light and create a sense of space.


  1. What are some popular materials used in boho wall baskets?

- Boho wall baskets are typically made from natural materials like bamboo, rattan, or woven fibers. They can be used decoratively or functionally to store items while adding texture to walls.


  1. How do dreamcatchers fit into boho wall decor?

- Dreamcatchers, made from feathers, beads, and sinew, are symbols of protection and spirituality in boho decor. They can be hung alone as focal points or grouped together to enhance the bohemian ambiance.


  1. What types of tapestries work best for boho wall decor?

- Tapestries with mandalas, geometric patterns, or nature-inspired designs are ideal for boho decor. They can cover large wall areas, serve as bed canopies, or add color and texture to any room.


  1. What are some creative ways to use string lights in boho wall decor?

- String lights add a magical ambiance to boho spaces. They can be draped around artwork, hung loosely along walls, or woven into macramé hangings to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


  1. How can I create a boho gallery wall?

- A boho gallery wall showcases a mix of framed prints, paintings, photographs, and three-dimensional objects like mirrors and masks. Arrange them in a salon-style layout to reflect your personal style and tell a visual story.


  1. Why are rattan and wicker accents popular in boho wall decor?

- Rattan and wicker add a rustic and natural element to boho decor. Items like mirrors, baskets, and planters made from these materials bring warmth and texture to walls, blending seamlessly with eclectic boho aesthetics.


  1. What is the significance of macramé in boho wall decor?

- Macramé, with its intricate knotting techniques, adds texture and handmade charm to boho spaces. It can be used as wall hangings, plant holders, or even room dividers, enhancing the artistic and organic feel of the room.


  1. How can I incorporate handmade art and crafts into my boho wall decor?

- Handmade art and crafts personalize boho decor, celebrating individuality and creativity. From painted canvases to ceramic sculptures, these pieces add a unique touch and support local artisans, enriching the bohemian ambiance of your space.

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